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Caramel Films


Dominic James



What do six people have in common? They live in a near future in a decrepit city where depression and economic breakdown rule. As the storyline unfolds, we also discover that something greater connects them all; each is on the road to self-destruction, each is truly lost. And then, something happens: they all wake up in a surreal psychiatric facility, without knowing how they got there or why. Are they in denial? Are they crazy? What happened? As they try to figure things out, the Experiment begins. The “participants” discover that they are not alone. Later, during a disturbing trial the six unwilling participants will come to face truths about themselves and decide each other’s fate in a nerve-racking game of dice.

Cast: Pyper Ferguson Emily Hampshire, Caterina Murino, Katie Boland, Karl Pruner, Patricia McKenzie
Director: Dominic James
Screenwriter: Domenico Salvaggio
Producers: André Rouleau, Andrea Marotti

Canada-Italy coproduction with Redark et Don Carmody Productions.



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