Caramel Films
Caramel Films

On my Mother’s Side

Dominic Goyer



David happily brings his wife and new baby to his parents to celebrate his birthday. All goes well until the next day, when he finds that his mother – a filmmaker – has committed suicide.

His second shock comes on the day of the funeral, when he is told that the man who raised him is not his biological father. Bewildered, he starts to look for answers and finds a hidden side of his mother’s life: an apartment that she kept in secret in the small town where she was born, for example. It has no furniture except for a mattress on the floor. In an empty closet he finds a box full of letters from someone named Michel. There is disturbing evidence they were engaged in a sado-masochistic relationship. Friends assure him that his mother did her best to save him from the truth, but David is compelled to dig deeper. Will his frenetic search find an answer in the letters, or in his mother’s last, dark film?

Cast: Marc Paquet, Sylvie de Morais, Marc Béland, Germain Houde, David La Haye, Gilles Pelletier, Élise Guilbault
Director: Dominic Goyer
Screenwriter: Dominic Goyer
Producer: Valérie d’Auteuil
Executive producer: André Rouleau