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Sticky Fingers

Ken Scott



1960. Montreal. To carry out the “crime of the century” Charles recruits his criminal pals. On the night of the robbery the police turn up and they’ve got to proceed swiftly to plan B—they will give themselves up, but one of them will escape with the $2 million. Now after four years in the clink, the five bumbling thieves hope to find their accomplice and the nest egg. They’re flabbergasted when they learn that he’s given them two conditions before they can get to the money—they have to walk the 830 km of the famous Camino pilgrimage in Spain, and more importantly, to prove they’ve changed their ways and deserve their cut of the loot.

Cast: Roy Dupuis, Patrice Robitaille, Claude LegaultJean-Pierre Bergeron, Paolo Noël
Director: Ken Scott
Screenwriter: Ken Scott
Producers: André Rouleau, Richard Goudreau, Matias Mendelevich, Nathalie Gastaldo

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Jutra Awards (2010) – Nominated: Best Screenplay, Best Art Direction, & Best Costume Design

Genie Awards (2010) – Nominated: Best Sound

Santa Barbara International Film Festival (2010) – USA

Palm Springs International Film Festival (2010) – USA

27th Just For Laughs Festival (2009) – Canada

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