Caramel Films
Caramel Films

When we Were Boys

Richard Goudreau



Christmas, 1967. Our heros are high-school kids who live to play competitive hockey on outdoor rinks. It’s hard to stay focused on the playoffs with distractions such as on-ice rivalry with a team of rich kids, punch-ups at the high school dance, fights with parents, fights with teachers. But finally, the team finds its spirit and hits its rhythm at the big game. These kids shoot and they score!

Cast: Rémy Girard, Marc Messier, Luc Guérin, Pierre Lebeau, Yvan Ponton
Director: Richard Goudreau
Screenwriter: Richard Goudreau
Producers: André Rouleau, Richard Goudreau, Michel Gauthier, Lenny Jo Goudreau

Coproduction with Melenny Productions.


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